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2 new strains and free seeds to giveaway

New strains and free female seeds from shortstuff seeds

To celebrate the release of our 2 newest strains we are running a massive free seeds promotion from April 1st until we run out of seeds to give away

The 2 new strains we have added to our collection are:

Auto Purple Gorilla female seeds
Auto Gorilla Shizzle female seeds

Throughout April whenever you buy a packet of shortstuff seeds from one of our participating retailers you will get 2 free seeds of one of the new strains. If you buy 2 packs of shortstuff seeds you will get 2 of each of the new strains and so on, there are no limits!

Tell me about the new shortstuff seeds strains

Over the last couple of years our breeders have produced some of the biggest yielding, most potent autoflowering cannabis strains ever seen. It began with the release of ‘Tha Shiznit’ and ‘Auto Purple Amnesia’, both of which are capable of producing 500g (over a pound) per plant in the right conditions, and continued in 2017 with the all conquering Auto Gorilla OG.

We knew that we had to push these genetics even further and through a careful breeding and selection program over the last 18 months we have come up with 2 incredible new crosses.

Auto Purple Gorilla is a cross of Auto Purple Amnesia and Auto gorilla OG and matches the yields and resin production of its parents while seemingly increasing the already incredibly potency of both

Auto Gorilla Shizzle is an absolute monster which can get to 4 feet high (1.2m) and 4 feet wide with incredible branching and enormous bud production

Get Auto Purple Amnesia and Auto Gorilla for free now!

Both these strains are available now to buy and also as free gifts from participating retailers so go try them while stocks last

These guys are already running the promos so go check them out!

best autoflower strain

best autoflower strain – auto gorilla OG

looking for the worlds best autoflower strain?

If you want the worlds best autoflower strain in your collection then shortstuff seeds is the place for you. We have been producing autoflowering cannabis seeds for 10 years now and in that time we have consistently pushed boundaries and increased the potential of our beloved auto-flowering cannabis plants. Gone are the days when autos would produce 15g per plant and the potency would be average at best. Our Auto flower strains now consistently challenge the leading photoperiod cannabis strains for yield, potency, flavour and medical benefits.

Auto gorilla OG – the worlds best autoflowering strain?

Since we started producing autoflowering cannabis seeds we have been lucky enough to work with some fantastic genetics and have managed to produce what we think are some brilliant cannabis strains. In recent years we have managed to break records with the yields produced by our plants with 1 plant of ‘Tha shiznit’ producing 520g and then 1 plant of Auto Purple amnesia topping the scales at an incredible 683g!

This year we released a new strain, Auto Gorilla OG, which is a cross of Gorilla Glue #4 and a very special Auto OG kush we had been working on. The resulting strain has blown us away with its incredible vigour, potency and massive yields.

Auto Gorilla OG has gone through vigourous testing over a the autoflower network where experts and novices have all tried our strain and have got amazing results. The feedback that we have been getting is that it is super-easy to grow, its gets very big, produces massive yields and that you end up with some of the strongest smoke imaginable.

We have had expert growers who have managed to average 400g per plant in a full hydro setup and we have had less experienced growers pulling 100g per plant in simple soil setups and no one seems to have had any problems. One of our growers who is a Washington state native says that Auto gorilla OG matched the strength of a 28% THC indica strain he bought from a state store and blew away a sativa strain also rated as having 28% THC.

Auto gorilla OG – is it the worlds best autoflower strain?

Well i guess that’s hard to say as we have not tried all of them and really this article is all a bit tongue in cheek as we don’t like to be too boastful but we are very,very pleased with this strain and feel that it offers something to everyone looking to grow an auto flowering strain.

Why auto gorilla OG?

  • Grows tall and fast
  • Very easy to grow, pest resistant and handles nutrients very well
  • massive yields whatever your set up
  • incredible potency which will match any cannabis cup winner or high THC strain out there

More info on shortstuff auto gorilla OG

Brilliant review from a grower who pulls 10oz plus per plant under a 130w led – auto gorilla OG review
Full strain description – Shortstuff auto Gorilla OG

Where to buy shortstuff auto gorilla OG

Everywhere in the world apart from the USA – Buy shortstuff auto gorilla OG seeds
For usa customers – Buy shortstuff auto gorilla OG seeds

buy cannabis seeds with bitcoin

Reasons to use bitcoins to buy cannabis seeds – 20% discounts and more!

Reasons to use bitcoins to buy cannabis seeds – you can get discounts, protect your privacy and stick it to the man!

You may be aware of the Bitcoin revolution that has been going on or you may not be but we thought it would be good to point out some of the reasons to use bitcoins to buy cannabis seeds.

What is bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a from of digital currency or ‘cryptocurrency’ that is created and held electronically. No one controls bitcoin individually, it is created and controlled by the blockchain network which is run by programmers across the globe. Bitcoin is completely anonymous and can be sent from person to person free of charge without anyone knowing who is sending or receiving the bitcoins.

Bitcoins can be bought and sold on bitcoin exchanges and are stored in something called a Bitcoin Wallet which has a private address. Once you have a wallet you can send coins, or fractions of coins to any other wallet, anywhere in the world as long as you know the other persons wallet address. Once you have your wallet and have purchased some bitcoin then it is as easy to use as paypal, credit or debit cards or any other traditional method of payment.

Great reasons to use bitcoin

Stick it to the man

Banks and card schemes such as Visa and Mastercard have made it very difficult for legal cannabis businesses across the world to accept payments and conduct normal business activities. Banks in the USA deny accounts to completely legal dispensaries and other cannabis related business while here in Europe cannabis seed vendors are in a constant battle with the banks to keep their card processing facilities open so they can stay in business.

The beauty of Bitcoin is that is takes transactions out of the hands of banks and means they cannot control them or make money out of them – it must be a TERRIFYING prospect for the establishment that people can spend their money where and when they like without them being able to stop it. I cannot think of a better reason to start using it bitcoin and stick it to the man!

Protect your privacy

As previously mentioned, once you have bitcoins in your bitcoin wallet you can safely send payments to any other bitcoin anywhere in the world, free of charge, completely anonymously. All of us like our privacy so why should we allow our bank to know where we are spending our money? Perhaps they keep a record of it and hold it against you? Perhaps they pass information on. In many countries it is completely legal to buy and sell cannabis seeds so why is it anyone’s business if you want to do it? If you use bitcoin to buy marijuana seeds then you don’t need to worry about your privacy, you will be protected!

Get discounts on your purchases

Due to the fact that there are no charges for retailers when they accept payment in Bitcoin and the infrastructure for using bitcoin requires no account fees many online seed sellers are giving discounts when you pay for your seeds with bitcoin.

The best discount we have found out there is from our buddies at who always have great prices anyway

At the moment dope-seeds are giving an amazing 20% discount on all purchases of cannabis seeds that are paid for by bitcoin.

They also have a very good guide on how to buy and use bitcoin which is worth a look – how to use bitcoin

Hopefully this article has been of some use and if it has, please share it with friends, on social media and anywhere else you can think of as we really feel Bitcoin could help this industry in many ways and take away control from the powers that be.

New short stuff strains out now!

New short stuff strains out now!

We are very pleased to announce the release of 2 completely new strains for 2017

After a super intensive breeding and testing process we are very excited to release Auto Gorilla OG and Auto Jedi Kush for sale.

These 2 new strains help us continue to push the boundaries of what autoflowering cannabis is capable of.

For more info on these new strains checkout the product pages:

Auto Gorilla OG

Auto Jedi Kush

Both strains are now available to buy at dope-seeds and should be available from our other retailers very soon

Dr feelgood plant of the year

Dr Feelgood wins plant of the year picture 2016

A picture of our Dr. Feelgood strain has won ‘Plant of the year’ picture over at taking 20% of the vote and beating 11 other excellent competitors who had also previously won Bud Of the Month competitions

This stunning example of our best medical marijuana strain produced beautiful purple buds that looked like frosted pinecones.

To check out the other entries in the comp head over to

Find out more about Dr. Feelgood

Canadian distribution

Canadian Distributor and Retailer

We are delighted to announce that we now have a Canadian Distributor and retailer for ShortStuff Seeds.

If you are a retailer in Canada or the USA you will be able to buy our seeds directly from our canadian distributor CCNEXUS at wholesale prices and quantities.

buy shortstuff seeds in canada

E-mail: info (at)
USA & Canada: 844 470 7181 (toll free)
Int.: (+1) 416 309 0358
Office Working Time:
Mon – Fri: 10am – 7pm EST

If you are an individual you can now buy our seeds in Canada through True North Seedbank without the worry of your package getting stuck in customs!

true north seedbank

E-mail: info (at) truenorthseedbank (dot) com
(+1) 416-679-0421
844-843-7995 (toll free USA & Canada)
Mon – Fri: 10am – 7pm EST





super cali haze x amnesia

Super Cali Haze x Amnesia

Super Cali Haze x Amnesia is a new cross we have been working on and is featured in a test grow over at


Himalaya Orange Diesel

Himalaya Orange Diesel Review

Our new strain Himalaya Orange Diesel will be released in April but in the meantime we have been getting it tested on the forums and have been receiving great reviews:

hooo haaah! I have been smoking the HOD for a few weeks, and I saw the banner about the shortstuff freebie’s:d5: and since they were generous in sending me some tester’s:bow:thank you! let me start with the smell…. no shit!, I could smell orange blossoms for weeks.:drool:not only did this girl stink, she also , with quite a bit of foxtailing produced 127 grams of bud at 64% rh. :thumbsup:the smoke…….wow! pure citrus (orange) and diesel. :drool:the potency is 8.5 leans to the sativa for the high. but has excellent pain relief propertie’s. the smell 9. the taste 9.5. world class genetics. :headbang:
I going to look for some pics to insert in this report. thank you shortstuff:bow:GA6 :bow:

this review was taken from –

biggest yielding autoflower

worlds biggest yielding autoflower strain auto purple amnesia

Auto purple amnesia could be the worlds biggest yielding autoflower strain

Auto purple Amnesia has just recorded the biggest ever yield by one of our strains with one plant weighing in a whopping 683 grams. We thought the 520 grams achieved by ‘tha shiznit’ in a 1 plant grow was phenomenal and that it was the worlds biggest yielding autoflower but this grow raises the bar even further. We are not sure if this is a world record for an autoflowering strain or whether auto purple amnesia is the worlds biggest yielding autoflower strain grown by a private grower but it is certainly a very impressive yielder.
Buy auto purple amnesia seeds now!

Greybear grows big yielding autos

A lot of the credit has to go to the grower ‘Greybear’ who is doing astonishing work over on the autoflower network getting consistently huge yields from his hydro setup. Prior to this grow of Auto purple amnesia he has grown huge plants of ‘tha shiznit’ and ‘auto pink grapefruit’. All of his grow journals have been documented with great descriptions and brilliant images and you can read the whole grow journal for his record breaking auto purple amnesia grow here: Greybears world record breaking auto flower grow of auto purple amnesia

Read more about auto purple amnesia

If you would like more information about what could be the worlds biggest auto flower strain, auto purple amnesia, it can be read on our product pages here – shortstuff seeds auto purple amnesia. Auto Purple Amnesia is a fantastic new strain from our team of auto-flowering experts at shortstuff seeds. Following on from the much heralded Mi5 strain we bring you another Purple Auto but this time with the benefit of Amnesia Haze in the genetic makeup. This cutting edge hybrid also includes Diesel and Critical+ in its ancestry so potency and yield are well taken care of.

Greybeard has also written a smoke report for this amazing auto flower strain which will give you some insight into its taste, potency and flavour – Auto Purple Amnesia smoke report

If you would like to read about greybears grow of ‘tha shiznit’ which we previously thought to be the worlds biggest yielding autoflower strain then read this earlier article –


Is Tha Shiznit the world record auto flower strain?

Is Tha Shiznit the world record auto flower strain?

Could ‘tha shiznit’ be the highest yielding auto flower strain in the world after 1 plant produced a massive 520 grams! That’s over 18 1/2 Oz from plant!

It was grown by GreyBear over on the autoflower network who had previously done a fantastic job with our Auto Pink Grapefruit.

This was a completely independent grow so you know its legitimate. and the full journal can be read here:

Not only does ‘tha shiznit’ give the potential for huge yields, it is an incredibly potent strain having been tested at Spannabis 2013 and having shown THC levels of 20.6%.

‘Tha Shiznit’ is such a brilliant performer in terms of yield, potency and taste that even the most die hard ‘anti’auto’ growers out there are becoming convinced.

Read the independant smoke report here:



shortsuff seeds autoflower network

Strain Reviews

All of our strains are carefully tested and reviewed on a public forum so that you can see how our seeds perform in a variety of conditions when used by the general public. All grows are undertaken in legal set-ups and all growers are volunteers. We have a sub-forum on the autoflower network where growers test and review our strains and give honest feedback.

There is also an area for final grow overviews and smoke reports which make very interesting reading:

We would like to say thanks to all of our testers for the fantastic work they do and also thanks goes to the autoflower network and the Admins who run it and make such a cool and friendly place.


Shortstuff seeds attitude promo

Tha Shiznit free seed promo at the attitude seedbank

We have teamed up with the attitude seedbank to let you get your hands on our brand new genetics for free! Tha Shiznit is a soon to be released auto flowering strain of epic proportions that recorded THC levels of 20.6% at Spannabis 2014.

Tha Shiznit auto seeds from Shortstuff

Tha Shiznit auto seeds from Shortstuff

Genetic makeup – (amnesia kush x diesel) x (master kush x jack herer) – indica/sativa – 50/50

Size – Medium to large, plants can surpass 1m indoor. She has larger internodal spacing with chunky buds forming at each one.

Time – 70 days from sprout

Scent – classic old school skunky flavour/fruity, some phenotypes express a unique strawberry smell.

characteristics – Thick stem, main cola dominant with big fan leaves, long branches with round clustered buds. Extremely extremely resinous. A percentage of plants will exhibit colour in the buds.

smoke – strong flavour on inhale, the fruit comes on the exhale

effect – social, chatty, uplifting

yield – Above average – 60g+ per plant is achievable in good conditions

sensitivity/tips – An easy to grow, set and forget variety, she does all the growing for you.


Auto Pink Grapefruit test grow

Auto Pink Grapefruit test grow

Look at the results our test grower (in a legal setup) produced with our Auto Pink Grapefruit in 75 days:

ShortStuff Seeds ” Boutique Line ” Auto Pink Grapefruit feminized

Day 75
Chopped. This is a heavy plant. I never guess until the buds are in the jar, but I am willing to say it should be close to 4 oz
Height was right at 28 inches
All the branches held their own weight until the last few days and I was a bit rough with her.
I had a few issues that are directly attributable to me and my grow style.
I pushed this plant very hard, bordering on too much.
A 24/7 light schedule with a very high EC for most of its life with just a few dial backs and all the way to the bitter end.
Trichs are very cloudy, resin output is extremely heavy.
Once bud production begins in earnest you will want as much fan as you dare, seriously, these buds are so dense and greasy you will have mold problems if you do not provide good air circulation.
Smell during grow is very complex with a constant undertone of grapefruit.
If you need stealth, this is not the strain to go with.

I will give you a final weight and smoke report in about a month, but the little pretest I just took is making me feel pretty damn good right now, so that should say something.

You can follow the grow here:

Auto Pink Grapefruit

Auto Pink Grapefruit


Auto pink grapefruit is probably the fruitiest smelling strain we produce and combines the classic cannabis strains such as blueberry and ak47 to create a fantastic auto flowering cannabis strain. Auto pink grapefruit is very easy to grow and will reach 90 cm quite easily and produce in excess of 2 ounces without an particular growing expertise required.


Shortstuff seeds promo free seeds auto big gun

Attitude seeds Boutique line promotion

To celebrate the release of the new ‘Boutique Line’ of auto strains we are running an amazing promotional offer with our friends at the Attitude seedbank.

For every pack of shortstuff seeds purchased you will get 2 x free Auto Big Gun female seeds


Get ’em while stocks last!

The Boutique Line from Shortstuff Seeds

The Boutique Line – a new collection of seeds from Shortstuff

We are very pleased to announce the release of a new line of auto strains called ‘The Boutique Line’.

This collection contains 5 new auto flowering strains of the highest quality.

‘The Boutique Line’ contains the most up to date autoflowering genetics which are pushing the boundaries of what can be done with autos. All the strains in the Boutique Line are big, tall, heavy-yielders and have been produced’ in-house’ by Shortstuff’s master breeders.

We will of course be continuing to produce and improve all of our classic shortstuff strains but by having a new collection we can release exciting, ground breaking auto-flowering strains much more quickly.

Shortstuff Seedbank Auto Big Gun Cannabis Seeds

Shortstuff Seedbank Auto Big Gun Cannabis Seeds

Shortstuff Seedbank Auto Bud Cannon cannabis seeds

Shortstuff Seedbank Auto Bud Cannon cannabis seeds

Shortstuff Seedbank Auto Pink Grapefruit Cannabis Seeds

Shortstuff Seedbank Auto Pink Grapefruit Cannabis Seeds

Shortstuff Seedbank Auto Spanish Diesel Cannabis Seeds

Shortstuff Seedbank Auto Spanish Diesel Cannabis Seeds

Shortstuff Seedbank Auto Yeti Cannabis Seeds

Shortstuff Seedbank Auto Yeti Cannabis Seeds

Super Auto - Temporary Packaging

Super Auto – Temporary Packaging

Just to let everyone know we are currently using a temporary packaging solution for our super autos as we are between print runs.

The packaging is a backing card with a tube glued on the front containing the seeds

shortstuff snowryder free giveaway

Dope-seeds snowryder giveaway

Our friends at are currently giving away 2 free female snowryder seeds with every pack of shortstuff seeds purchased

is one of our oldest and most popular strains which stays under 2 feet but produces some of the frostiest, most potent buds in the auto flower world.

shortstuff snowryder free giveaway

shortstuff snowryder free giveaway



super cali haze giveaway

Attitude seedbank Super Cali Haze giveaway

The attitude seedbank are doing an amazing Super Cali Haze giveaway – 2 free super cali haze with every pack of shortstuff seeds!


Read the full details of the offer on the attitude blog

super cali haze giveaway

Shortstuff seeds super cali haze giveaway



Dr. Feelgood free seeds

Dr. Feelgood free seeds giveaway

Our friends at are currently offer 2 free female Dr.feelgood seeds with every pack of ShortStuff seeds purchased at

Dr. Feelgood Auto flowering seeds

Free Dr. Feelgood cannabis seeds from

short Stuff new release auto flowering – Dr. Feelgood

Seeds per pack : 10 regular / 5 female seeds
Type : Indica auto strain
Height : 10 – 20 inches
Harvest : 8-9 weeks from seed
Yield : 15-40g per plant
Effect : Couchlock with total pain relief.
Potency : 9/10
Breeder: STITCH

Many of our customers have commented on the excellent medical properties of Blue himalaya and Himalaya blue diesel so we thought we would try and produce a new strain that offered even better medicinal benefits. Dr.Feelgood is a pure medical strain that is a true autoflowering indica. It was created by crossing our auto line with an old skool afghan kush which was renowned for its fat buds, smooth smoke and high levels of CBD. These qualities have been carried through to Dr.Feelgood making it the best medical Auto flowering strain to date!

Dr. Feelgood free seeds

Free Dr. Feelgood seeds

shortstuff seeds super autos

What are super autos?

So what are super autos you ask? Super autos are true auto flowering sativa strains which have been developed by breeder Stitch

Like all auto-flowering strains, Super Autos begin flowering automatically regardless of hours of light they receive. Unlike normal auto strains which are Indica dominant, Super Autos are sativa dominant.

Super Autos take a little longer to auto-flower but will normally start after 4-5 weeks and will show rapid and vigorous growth immediately.  The flowering period is longer than a normal auto and can take between 100 and 120 days to go from seed to bud but the grower will be rewarded with tall plants which can reach up 2 metres in height and can pack on massive yields well in excess of 100 grams.

The sativa dominant super auto strains produce very potent hazy buds that will please even the most skeptical seed collectors out there.

The super auto allows the outdoor grower to start a crop in early summer and be finished well before September – something that would be impossible with an ordinary sativa strain.

Super Cali Haze

Type : Auto flowering sativa hybrid
Height : 40-90” | 100-225cm
Harvest : 100-120 days from seed
Yield : 110-250g | 4-9oz per plant
Effect : Soaring Sativa high
Potency :10/10

Available as Female seeds only

5 female seeds £37.99 || €43.99 EUR

This strain is the holy grail of auto flowering growers, a true and pure auto-Sativa and one which has been described as a SUPER AUTO by its breeder stitch. Stitch has been working for many years on refining an autoflowering haze strain but as many other breeders know this a very difficult and some say an impossible task.

Stitch finally managed to do this when he created his ‘Nirvana sky’ strain and this has been used as the basis of super cali-haze. First a ruderalis was crossed with haze special and bred until it was 100% autoflowering. This was then crossed back with a resinuous colombian mother from Cali state and the super auto was then stabilised.

The result is a big tall strain which can grow over 2 metres outdoors and produce upwards of 4 ounces. This is perfect for someone wanting to fit 2 harvests into one summer season and still be cropping out before everyone using normal strains. Unlike most autoflowering strains which are indica dominant Super cali-haze is a pure Sativa strain so will give you that soaring cerebral hit you expect from a good old fashioned haze. This really is a very different auto and one which you will surely want in your collection.

Shortstuff Seedbank Super Cali Haze Autoflowering seeds

Shortstuff Seedbank Super Cali Haze Autoflowering seeds

The super auto is here and its here to stay, this is going be Big!!!

Super Stinky

Seeds per pack : 5 female seeds
Type : Auto flowering sativa hybrid
Height : 40-90” | 100-250cm
Harvest : 100-120 days from seed
Yield : 110-280g | 4-10oz per plant
Effect : Stinking sativa hazy high
Potency :10/10
Breeder: STITCH

Available as Females seeds only
5 female seeds £37.99 || €43.99 EUR

Super stinky is a new ‘super auto’ strain from shortstuff seeds which builds upon the amazing advances we made with our super cali haze strain. While developing super Cali haze, Stitch took some particulary ‘Hazy’ phenos and crossed them with a really stinky skunk strain. This helped bring down the flowering times a little and also improved the yield of the strain.


This strain has been refined over numerous generations and will begin to flower bewteen weeks 3 and 5 and will keep stretching and filling out for another 10 – 12 weeks. It packs on weight very fast and produces huge resinous buds which give off a very potent, almost cheesy aroma.


This strain is perfect indoors or outdoors and allows the outdoor grower the opportunity to grow a high quality sativa strain without the risk of it not finishing in time.


Super stinky

Shortstuff seeds super stinky




Who we are

Above all we are cannabis enthusiasts! Beyond that we are passionate about auto-flowering genetics and their constant improvement.

We are a group of breeders working in Spain with the aim of producing the best autoflowering cannabis strains in the world. We have all been working with cannabis genetics since the 1990’s and switched our focus to autos in the mid 2000’s when the joint doctor created the original Lowryder strain.

Once we realised that the joint doctors creation meant that cannabis plants could go from seed to bud in 65 days regardless of how many hours of sunlight they got, we knew Autos were the way forward for us and many other cannabis seed collectors.
We began to experiment with the original lowryder and made selections of the best specimens and used these for a breeding program which lead us to Shortstuff no.1. Shortstuff no.1 was essential a better yielding, more potent version of lowryder and was used as the basis for our breeding program.

Once we had shortstuff #1 stabilized we started to look at crossing it with photo-period strains so we could add different genetic traits, bigger yields, more potent buds and taller plants while always keeping the auto-flowering trait.
Our first success was Snowryder which was a cross of snow white and shortstuff #1. Snowryder is a potent, resin covered white strain which was fully automatic and really took autos to the next level while demonstrating to the skeptics that autos could pack the same punch as photo-period strains.

From the early days of Shortstuff #1 and Snowryder we started to experiment with more and more crosses and selections and have managed to create a range of auto flowering cannabis strains which is second to none.

Our range of autoflowering strains can be divided into 3 main categories from which, most seed buyers can find their exact genetic requirements:

Dwarf Autos

These, like the original lowryder, are very short fast flowering indica dominant strains which are perfect when stealth or a lack of space are important factors. The average height of these dwarf autos is 30-60cm (1-2 feet) and flowering times are 65-70 days
Shortstuff #1
Blue Himalaya
Dr. Feelgood
Next generation autos

These mid size autos grow bigger than dwarf autos with a height range between 60cm and 100cm (2-3 feet) and produce much bigger yields. The Flowering times are more in the region of 70 days and the potency is very high
Auto Assassin
Himalaya Blue Diesel
Russian Rocket Fuel
Super autos

These are true auto flowering sativas developed by breeder stitch after many years of research and development. Super autos are a totally different type of auto, as unlike most they are sativa dominant so grow very tall and produce massive yields of Hazy, uplifting buds of the highest quality. Super autos are still fully automatic but take longer to finish, going from seed to bud in 100-120 days. The rewards are plants which can exceed 2 metres in height (6’6”) and can yield over 200g (6.5oz) per plant. Super autos work brilliantly indoors but outdoors they really come into their own, being allowed the light and space to truly thrive!
Super Cali Haze
Super Stinky

We have now also produced a range of experimental strains which will be realised through a new collection called ‘The Boutique Line’. ‘The Boutique Line’ contains the most up to date autoflowering genetics which are pushing the boundaries of what can be done with autos. All the strains in the Boutique Line are big, tall, heavy-yielders and have been produced’ in-house’ by Shortstuff’s master breeders.

Auto Big Gun
Auto Bud Cannon
Auto Pink Grapefruit
Auto Purple Amnesia
Auto Spanish Diesel
Auto ‘Tha Shiznit’
Auto Yeti

Latest releases:

We are constantly working on and improving our core range of regular and feminised autoflowering cannabis seeds and will be periodically adding new strains to our catalogue which will be available through a network of authorised dealers. To get in touch please contact us by e-mail


Shortstuff Seeds Retailers

Shortstuff seeds are the worlds premier autoflowering breeders, pushing the boundaries of what is possible from autoflowering genetics. With bigger yields, more potency and super fast flowering times autoflowering strains are catching up and over-taking traditional photoperiod cannabis strains. Shortstuff seeds are available worldwide through out network of distributors and retailers which are all listed below.

If you would like to contact us regarding wholesale orders please do so via e-mail

We are also now being wholesaled in Europe and the UK by Basil Bush (+44 208 545 0978).

Distribution in Spain is through Planta Sur

Distribution in North America is through CC Nexus in Canada

buy shortstuff seeds in canada

You can now purchase short stuff cannabis seeds from the following retailers:

Female Seeds 

Salvia Online

Grow Magic Mushrooms

Retailers who will ship to the USA:

true north seedbank

True North seedbank – located in Canada so ideal for Northe American customers

Attitude Seedbank

herbies shortstuff seeds

Herbies seeds

True North Seedbank


London Seed Centre 

Seed City

Just Feminized

Ali Bongo

Errors seeds CZ

Errors seeds Ukraine

Jah seeds



cannapot seedbank








seed supreme



ice seeds

Ice cannabis seeds


shortstuff seeds at canna-seed

buy blackskull seeds

shortstuff seeds at discount cannabis seeds

buy shortstuff seeds

Shortstuff seeds at cannabis seeds store

buy shortstuff seeds

Mr hanf for shortstuff seeds in Germany

buy shortstuff seeds

Buy shortstuff seeds at Marys Seeds

buy shortstuff seeds
please visit our shop at 8 Parnie Street, Glasgow, G1 5LR or call 0141 552 5666.

buy shortstuff seeds

original sensible seed store

seedsupreme shortstuff seeds

Seed supreme for shortstuff seeds

shortstuff seeds retail

buy shortstuff auto seeds


seeds 2 go

Toro Growshop