Auto Pink Grapefruit test grow

Posted on 11 July 2014

Look at the results our test grower (in a legal setup) produced with our Auto Pink Grapefruit in 75 days:

ShortStuff Seeds ” Boutique Line ” Auto Pink Grapefruit feminized

Day 75
Chopped. This is a heavy plant. I never guess until the buds are in the jar, but I am willing to say it should be close to 4 oz
Height was right at 28 inches
All the branches held their own weight until the last few days and I was a bit rough with her.
I had a few issues that are directly attributable to me and my grow style.
I pushed this plant very hard, bordering on too much.
A 24/7 light schedule with a very high EC for most of its life with just a few dial backs and all the way to the bitter end.
Trichs are very cloudy, resin output is extremely heavy.
Once bud production begins in earnest you will want as much fan as you dare, seriously, these buds are so dense and greasy you will have mold problems if you do not provide good air circulation.
Smell during grow is very complex with a constant undertone of grapefruit.
If you need stealth, this is not the strain to go with.

I will give you a final weight and smoke report in about a month, but the little pretest I just took is making me feel pretty damn good right now, so that should say something.

You can follow the grow here:

Auto Pink Grapefruit

Auto Pink Grapefruit


Auto pink grapefruit is probably the fruitiest smelling strain we produce and combines the classic cannabis strains such as blueberry and ak47 to create a fantastic auto flowering cannabis strain. Auto pink grapefruit is very easy to grow and will reach 90 cm quite easily and produce in excess of 2 ounces without an particular growing expertise required.