Himalaya Orange Diesel Review

Posted on 22 February 2016

Our new strain Himalaya Orange Diesel will be released in April but in the meantime we have been getting it tested on the forums and have been receiving great reviews:

hooo haaah! I have been smoking the HOD for a few weeks, and I saw the banner about the shortstuff freebie’s:d5: and since they were generous in sending me some tester’s:bow:thank you! let me start with the smell…. no shit!, I could smell orange blossoms for weeks.:drool:not only did this girl stink, she also , with quite a bit of foxtailing produced 127 grams of bud at 64% rh. :thumbsup:the smoke…….wow! pure citrus (orange) and diesel. :drool:the potency is 8.5 leans to the sativa for the high. but has excellent pain relief propertie’s. the smell 9. the taste 9.5. world class genetics. :headbang:
I going to look for some pics to insert in this report. thank you shortstuff:bow:GA6 :bow:

this review was taken from – https://www.autoflower.net/forums/threads/shortstuff-himalaya-orange-diesel-smoke-report.50671/