Is Tha Shiznit the world record auto flower strain?

Posted on 06 January 2015

Could ‘tha shiznit’ be the highest yielding auto flower strain in the world after 1 plant produced a massive 520 grams! That’s over 18 1/2 Oz from plant!

It was grown by GreyBear over on the autoflower network who had previously done a fantastic job with our Auto Pink Grapefruit.

This was a completely independent grow so you know its legitimate. and the full journal can be read here:

Not only does ‘tha shiznit’ give the potential for huge yields, it is an incredibly potent strain having been tested at Spannabis 2013 and having shown THC levels of 20.6%.

‘Tha Shiznit’ is such a brilliant performer in terms of yield, potency and taste that even the most die hard ‘anti’auto’ growers out there are becoming convinced.

Read the independant smoke report here: