Reasons to use bitcoins to buy cannabis seeds – 20% discounts and more!

Posted on 22 March 2017

Reasons to use bitcoins to buy cannabis seeds – you can get discounts, protect your privacy and stick it to the man!

You may be aware of the Bitcoin revolution that has been going on or you may not be but we thought it would be good to point out some of the reasons to use bitcoins to buy cannabis seeds.

What is bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a from of digital currency or ‘cryptocurrency’ that is created and held electronically. No one controls bitcoin individually, it is created and controlled by the blockchain network which is run by programmers across the globe. Bitcoin is completely anonymous and can be sent from person to person free of charge without anyone knowing who is sending or receiving the bitcoins.

Bitcoins can be bought and sold on bitcoin exchanges and are stored in something called a Bitcoin Wallet which has a private address. Once you have a wallet you can send coins, or fractions of coins to any other wallet, anywhere in the world as long as you know the other persons wallet address. Once you have your wallet and have purchased some bitcoin then it is as easy to use as paypal, credit or debit cards or any other traditional method of payment.

Great reasons to use bitcoin

Stick it to the man

Banks and card schemes such as Visa and Mastercard have made it very difficult for legal cannabis businesses across the world to accept payments and conduct normal business activities. Banks in the USA deny accounts to completely legal dispensaries and other cannabis related business while here in Europe cannabis seed vendors are in a constant battle with the banks to keep their card processing facilities open so they can stay in business.

The beauty of Bitcoin is that is takes transactions out of the hands of banks and means they cannot control them or make money out of them – it must be a TERRIFYING prospect for the establishment that people can spend their money where and when they like without them being able to stop it. I cannot think of a better reason to start using it bitcoin and stick it to the man!

Protect your privacy

As previously mentioned, once you have bitcoins in your bitcoin wallet you can safely send payments to any other bitcoin anywhere in the world, free of charge, completely anonymously. All of us like our privacy so why should we allow our bank to know where we are spending our money? Perhaps they keep a record of it and hold it against you? Perhaps they pass information on. In many countries it is completely legal to buy and sell cannabis seeds so why is it anyone’s business if you want to do it? If you use bitcoin to buy marijuana seeds then you don’t need to worry about your privacy, you will be protected!

Get discounts on your purchases

Due to the fact that there are no charges for retailers when they accept payment in Bitcoin and the infrastructure for using bitcoin requires no account fees many online seed sellers are giving discounts when you pay for your seeds with bitcoin.

The best discount we have found out there is from our buddies at who always have great prices anyway

At the moment dope-seeds are giving an amazing 20% discount on all purchases of cannabis seeds that are paid for by bitcoin.

They also have a very good guide on how to buy and use bitcoin which is worth a look – how to use bitcoin

Hopefully this article has been of some use and if it has, please share it with friends, on social media and anywhere else you can think of as we really feel Bitcoin could help this industry in many ways and take away control from the powers that be.