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Posted on 29 November 2012

Shortstuff seeds are the worlds premier autoflowering breeders, pushing the boundaries of what is possible from autoflowering genetics. With bigger yields, more potency and super fast flowering times autoflowering strains are catching up and over-taking traditional photoperiod cannabis strains. Shortstuff seeds are available worldwide through out network of distributors and retailers which are all listed below.

If you would like to contact us regarding wholesale orders please do so via e-mail

We are also now being wholesaled in Europe and the UK by Basil Bush (+44 208 545 0978).

Distribution in Spain is through Planta Sur

Distribution in North America is through CC Nexus in Canada

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You can now purchase short stuff cannabis seeds from the following retailers:

Female Seeds 

Salvia Online

Grow Magic Mushrooms

Retailers who will ship to the USA:

true north seedbank

True North seedbank – located in Canada so ideal for Northe American customers

Attitude Seedbank

herbies shortstuff seeds

Herbies seeds

True North Seedbank


London Seed Centre 

Seed City

Just Feminized

Ali Bongo

Errors seeds CZ

Errors seeds Ukraine

Jah seeds



cannapot seedbank








seed supreme



ice seeds

Ice cannabis seeds


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Shortstuff seeds at cannabis seeds store

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Mr hanf for shortstuff seeds in Germany

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Buy shortstuff seeds at Marys Seeds

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please visit our shop at 8 Parnie Street, Glasgow, G1 5LR or call 0141 552 5666.

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original sensible seed store

seedsupreme shortstuff seeds

Seed supreme for shortstuff seeds

shortstuff seeds retail

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seeds 2 go

Toro Growshop