What are super autos?

Posted on 11 December 2012

So what are super autos you ask? Super autos are true auto flowering sativa strains which have been developed by breeder Stitch

Like all auto-flowering strains, Super Autos begin flowering automatically regardless of hours of light they receive. Unlike normal auto strains which are Indica dominant, Super Autos are sativa dominant.

Super Autos take a little longer to auto-flower but will normally start after 4-5 weeks and will show rapid and vigorous growth immediately.  The flowering period is longer than a normal auto and can take between 100 and 120 days to go from seed to bud but the grower will be rewarded with tall plants which can reach up 2 metres in height and can pack on massive yields well in excess of 100 grams.

The sativa dominant super auto strains produce very potent hazy buds that will please even the most skeptical seed collectors out there.

The super auto allows the outdoor grower to start a crop in early summer and be finished well before September – something that would be impossible with an ordinary sativa strain.

Super Cali Haze

Type : Auto flowering sativa hybrid
Height : 40-90” | 100-225cm
Harvest : 100-120 days from seed
Yield : 110-250g | 4-9oz per plant
Effect : Soaring Sativa high
Potency :10/10

Available as Female seeds only

5 female seeds £37.99 || €43.99 EUR

This strain is the holy grail of auto flowering growers, a true and pure auto-Sativa and one which has been described as a SUPER AUTO by its breeder stitch. Stitch has been working for many years on refining an autoflowering haze strain but as many other breeders know this a very difficult and some say an impossible task.

Stitch finally managed to do this when he created his ‘Nirvana sky’ strain and this has been used as the basis of super cali-haze. First a ruderalis was crossed with haze special and bred until it was 100% autoflowering. This was then crossed back with a resinuous colombian mother from Cali state and the super auto was then stabilised.

The result is a big tall strain which can grow over 2 metres outdoors and produce upwards of 4 ounces. This is perfect for someone wanting to fit 2 harvests into one summer season and still be cropping out before everyone using normal strains. Unlike most autoflowering strains which are indica dominant Super cali-haze is a pure Sativa strain so will give you that soaring cerebral hit you expect from a good old fashioned haze. This really is a very different auto and one which you will surely want in your collection.

Shortstuff Seedbank Super Cali Haze Autoflowering seeds

Shortstuff Seedbank Super Cali Haze Autoflowering seeds

The super auto is here and its here to stay, this is going be Big!!!

Super Stinky

Seeds per pack : 5 female seeds
Type : Auto flowering sativa hybrid
Height : 40-90” | 100-250cm
Harvest : 100-120 days from seed
Yield : 110-280g | 4-10oz per plant
Effect : Stinking sativa hazy high
Potency :10/10
Breeder: STITCH

Available as Females seeds only
5 female seeds £37.99 || €43.99 EUR

Super stinky is a new ‘super auto’ strain from shortstuff seeds which builds upon the amazing advances we made with our super cali haze strain. While developing super Cali haze, Stitch took some particulary ‘Hazy’ phenos and crossed them with a really stinky skunk strain. This helped bring down the flowering times a little and also improved the yield of the strain.


This strain has been refined over numerous generations and will begin to flower bewteen weeks 3 and 5 and will keep stretching and filling out for another 10 – 12 weeks. It packs on weight very fast and produces huge resinous buds which give off a very potent, almost cheesy aroma.


This strain is perfect indoors or outdoors and allows the outdoor grower the opportunity to grow a high quality sativa strain without the risk of it not finishing in time.


Super stinky

Shortstuff seeds super stinky