worlds biggest yielding autoflower strain auto purple amnesia

Posted on 18 June 2015

Auto purple amnesia could be the worlds biggest yielding autoflower strain

Auto purple Amnesia has just recorded the biggest ever yield by one of our strains with one plant weighing in a whopping 683 grams. We thought the 520 grams achieved by ‘tha shiznit’ in a 1 plant grow was phenomenal and that it was the worlds biggest yielding autoflower but this grow raises the bar even further. We are not sure if this is a world record for an autoflowering strain or whether auto purple amnesia is the worlds biggest yielding autoflower strain grown by a private grower but it is certainly a very impressive yielder.
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Greybear grows big yielding autos

A lot of the credit has to go to the grower ‘Greybear’ who is doing astonishing work over on the autoflower network getting consistently huge yields from his hydro setup. Prior to this grow of Auto purple amnesia he has grown huge plants of ‘tha shiznit’ and ‘auto pink grapefruit’. All of his grow journals have been documented with great descriptions and brilliant images and you can read the whole grow journal for his record breaking auto purple amnesia grow here: Greybears world record breaking auto flower grow of auto purple amnesia

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If you would like more information about what could be the worlds biggest auto flower strain, auto purple amnesia, it can be read on our product pages here – shortstuff seeds auto purple amnesia. Auto Purple Amnesia is a fantastic new strain from our team of auto-flowering experts at shortstuff seeds. Following on from the much heralded Mi5 strain we bring you another Purple Auto but this time with the benefit of Amnesia Haze in the genetic makeup. This cutting edge hybrid also includes Diesel and Critical+ in its ancestry so potency and yield are well taken care of.

Greybeard has also written a smoke report for this amazing auto flower strain which will give you some insight into its taste, potency and flavour – Auto Purple Amnesia smoke report

If you would like to read about greybears grow of ‘tha shiznit’ which we previously thought to be the worlds biggest yielding autoflower strain then read this earlier article –