Posted on 30 November 2012

Available as female and regular seeds
RRP £26.99GBP || €32.39 EUR
Seeds per pack : 10 regular / 5 female seeds
Type : indica/sativa Auto flowering hybrid
Auto Type: Dwarf auto
Height : 10-15” | 25-38cm
Harvest : 8-9 weeks from seed
Yield : 30-50g | 1-1.5oz per plant
Effect : a very potent and seductive stone
Potency : 8/10


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Sharkbite is a excellent new ‘white’ strain we have created by crossing great white shark with our autoflowering line. Sharkbite keeps the powerful stone and tangy odour of its great white shark parent and puts on tons of white crystals during flowering. This fully stabilised auto strain does not get too big so is perfect for small spaces or guerilla grows.


Sharkbite will show its first pre-flowers after around 15-18 days and then you can expect some explosive growth as the buds fill out and become covered in glistening THC crystals. This strain is so frosty and white that the shade leaves all become covered in crystals during the last couple of weeks of flowering. Sharkbike generally produces one main cola of tightly packed flowers which can weigh up to 1 ounce on its own!


The flavour of the smoke is smooth and tangy and provides a strong indica body buzz very quickly so Sharkbike is recommended for medical users to help treat chronic pain.


Sharkbite is one of our range of ‘dwarf autos’ for people looking for a stealthy plant that stays short and stocky but still produces excellent yields of top quality medical marijuana. Sharkbite will rarely exceed 15 inches and will go from seed to bud in around 65 days.